Healing is a Journey  

Let's get clear on where you're 

headed and how to get there   

You already have all the 

ingredients for wellness 

Let's make empowered choices to 

unblock whatever is in the way! 

You are a complex, multi-layered being

Let's make sure we're seeing the                    

big-picture and not leave anything out                   


Intuitive Wellness Coaching is a collaborative, client-driven process, using various tools to bring clarity, efficiency, and self-empowerment to your wellness journey in order to meet your goals.


About My Practice

Wellness might look different for each of us, and our idea of what that means can change over time. There is also a certain level of well-being that we all have a right to, and have the innate means to create, move into, and manifest.  This wellness includes vitality, joy, well-being, love, connection, health, purpose, and ease.  Each one of us already has all of the intrinsic raw materials needed to be able to access and live more in these states of being.  And, for many reasons, we all experience blocks and challenges to living in that way. These blocks can come in various shapes and sizes, whether it be illness, trauma, dysfunctional patterning and conditioning, and so on down the line. 

The fact is, we are complex beings who are operating on many different levels of existence.  We all get that we are physical beings.  Our culture is focused on that level of our experience, and so we generally look to physical solutions for aiding our health.  Just as true, however, is that we are energetic, spiritual, emotional, and other-layered beings.  We operate on quite a few different levels.  I’m sure we know this intuitively, but we may not grasp it consciously.  Western science is catching up to this idea, which is helpful, and we don't have to rely on that institution as the end all be all of our health.  

The important point of this is to understand that the places where illness or dysfunction occur, as well as the causes and cures for them, occur on various, interwoven levels.  For example, we may be trying to treat an issue using physical methods, where the root cause is actually an energetic issue.  We may be trying to treat the organ systems, when the actual problem is occuring in the nervous system.  We may be trying to ‘heal’ when we are just engaging in symptom management.  When these examples occur, the condition will continue to linger. 

Therefore, it’s so important to have as much clarity and understanding of not only what it is that each of us is working with in relation to our health and well-being, but also the underlying connections that are happening between all of our layers.  Because of course, all of our systems are affecting each other.  An emotional state may trigger a physical reaction, while a spiritual block may bring on certain mental patterning.  The more complex our challenge, the more layers may be involved and affected.  The different threads can get quite tangled up into a knotty ball.  This is the first area of what I’m offering, to help untangle and bring clarity to whatever is arising in your body and all of your planes of being.  To uncover what is occurring, what level it’s occurring at, and also what needs our help first. 

Sorting out what is presenting as the highest priority is such good practice.  It’s generally not possible, nor is it wise, to try to heal and work with everything all at once.  I know we usually want to, and with good reason, yet our systems can only handle so much at one time.  My intention is not only to bring clarity to your life and process, but also wisdom.  

When I say that my intention is to bring wisdom and healing to your process of moving towards wellness, let me be clear that it is not “my” wisdom that I am granting  you and me who is “healing” you.  You have all of the wisdom necessary already in order to manifest your health, and you are the exact healer that you’re looking for.  Your body and the connection to its innate wisdom know exactly what you need.  What’s also true is that there are many ways in which this connection can be blocked.  And with that, we all need help along the way.  I certainly needed a heck of a lot of help along my journey.  What I discovered though, is that my helpers and healers were aiding me in uncovering what I knew for myself, but it had become quite difficult to access. 

This is what I offer you, whatever wisdom, health, tools, practices and learning that I have, which will allow you to discover and come into alignment with all of the wellness that’s ready to break free! 

sun rising breaking free

This practice helps with: 

  • Bringing about health and well being 
  • Discovering where the roots of the issue lie 
  • Connecting clients to their empowered inner healer and accessing their innate knowing 
  • Assitance facilitating the complex process of a journey of healing and transformation
  • Health challenges that are not being helped by using conventional medicine and methods

Some particular areas in which I specialize: 

  • Chronic Illness 
  • Lyme Disease 
  • Trauma and PTSD 
  • Depression 
  • Anxiety 
  • Chronic pain
  • Stuckness  

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"The only two things in our lives are aliveness and patterns that block our aliveness... When you get rid of the blocks, what you have is aliveness, and when the blocks are gone, purpose emerges."

Werner Erhard