About Rob

Like many healing practitioners before me, I came to this work through my own process of healing and transformation.  This led me to an all-encompassing journey to bring me into alignment with my own wellness. 

I have engaged in and studied many various healing modalities and wisdom traditions.  I have been practicing Buddhism and Mindfulness Meditation since 2006, including 2 ½ years of living in monasteries and retreat centers engaging in intensive meditation.  I am trained in Somatic Experiencing, a body-based therapy that works with clearing trauma and PTSD.  Since 2014 I have been training in Infinity Healing Practice in Amherst, a unique blend of energetic healing, neural science techniques, and intuition.  Along the way, I have also studied and practiced Internal Family Systems, Five Element Chinese Philosophy, and Qigong.  Living in and cultivating Intentional Community is a passion of mine, along with the skills of conflict resolution and non-violent communication.

I have been learning and cultivating various aspects of Wellness Coaching the past several years, and am continually working to better refine what is effective for our health and wellness.  I not only apply what I’ve learned through training, but also what I have learned in my own personal journey.  I have particular expertise in working with chronic illness and trauma.  

I am originally from Phoenix, AZ and my former life and career was as a filmmaker living in Los Angeles.  I've lived in the Western Massachusetts and Northampton area since 2011.

I feel so grateful to be doing this work, and to receive such joy and inspiration from helping others on their path to more wellness!