Wellness Coaching

One of the biggest challenges in any process of healing is gaining clarity of what’s happening and how to address it.  The more complex the issue, the more layers and variables are involved.  If you have cold symptoms, you probably can figure out what to do for that without too much difficulty.  If those cold symptoms are a sign of a bigger or more chronic issue though, it can be hard to separate out the causes, and what needs to be addressed and how.  When we’re mired in health challenges it just becomes easier for us to stumble around in the dark. 

I have found that it’s much worse knowing that something is ailing and not knowing why, than to know what's happening work with it.  Just the shift from confusion to understanding, and what our job is in all of it, creates a tremendous amount of relief and ease.  When we have clarity and a plan of action, that shifts us from powerlessness to empowerment.  Just that in itself is great medicine. 

After all, it can be difficult to see clearly what’s happening when we’re in the middle of an illness, injury, trauma, difficult emotional state, or any dis-ease.  We can become dragged down, lose perspective, or we might just have a lack of knowledge.  This is not a shortcoming or sign that we’re doing something wrong.  It just means we can’t always do it all ourselves.  We all need help along the way.

It's really possible to accelerate a healing process if we manage it in wise and deliberate way.  We can’t always control what happens to us, but we can bring as much efficiency and clarity as possible to our journey of wellness.  A lot of this journey is trial and error, and my job is to help reduce the error in that trial.


What if you could hire a Wellness Project Manager and Health Detective?


In this process we are able to:

  • Establish not only what challenges are arising, but also define goals, intentions and aspirations 
  • Organize symptoms, ailments, treatments, practices and resources 
  • Clarify what levels of our being each of these symptoms, ailments and treatments belong 
  • Help figure out the areas of highest priority to address and bookmark what is less pressing 
  • Help clients to connect more to their own empowered inner healer 
  • Facilitate the steps of action and how to go about each 
  • Introduce clients to modalities and practices of wellness other than conventional western medicine

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