Wellness Coaching

What is Wellness Coaching!?  Think of me as your Wellness Project Manager and your Health Detective.  I collaborate with you in order to facilitate meeting your health and wellness goals.  We create a road-map for your healing, and move down that path with wisdom.  We also work to cultivate ease in the journey itself, being mindful of that as well as the goal.

After all, the process of healing and living in well-being can be a complex path.  It’s not always easy to see clearly where we are in this journey and know what to do, especially when we’re in the middle of it all.  There are so many options and opinions we’re met with, and going about choosing those in a wise, deliberate way can make all the difference.  There is tremendous value in having help looking at the big picture and connecting the dots.  

The idea is to bring forward movement and efficiency to this journey so you can live the life you want as soon as possible.  You have all the raw materials for well-being already innately in you!  It’s a matter of understanding where to direct your efforts in order to bring your aliveness to light and clear whatever blocks that.  To do this, we not only utilize systematic, practical frameworks, but also tap into your innate wisdom and intuition to help guide your path.


In this process we are able to:

  • Bringing deliberateness to the process
  • Asking the right questions
  • Using powerful tools for synthesis and understanding
  • Looking big picture
  • Bringing in new skills and new ideas
  • Tracking progress and adjusting
  • Adapting to your particular styles of learning and working

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